Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mummy ♥

Stay at home whole day watching on demand. Boring life ~ :)
Mummy called me going for lunch at kepayan.Should be my breakfast :X
After lunch, mummy ask me bring her for movie.
Yay~ we got a ticket from HSBC for free watching spidermen or total recall.
Actually I watch this both movie already with my pig and my brother.
But mom keep begging me company her watch. So i agree lo hehee :D
Off to Suria ~ I suggest total recall more than spidermen.I hate spidermen :P
7pm movie, mummy asking her friend to watch and call me find my pig :) ( he work at suria).
Shopping with mom meanwhile waiting her friend.
Eating my favourite ice cream Haagen Dasz ♥ while shopping. Hehee

After bringing mummy going cinema.Than off to find my pig
He sooooo busy ! :( waiting him working meanwhile I in room playing internet.
He called me company him to 1b to doing some work stuff. OK :)
After working, we off to eating ~ Damn. I seriously i feel i gonna FAINT !
Too hungry ~ same like him. Kuew teow and dumpling , our favorite :)
No have any plan at night , so he fetch me back home and rest.
That all for today only. Will be update again ♥   

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My blog :O

Seriously my blog are very DEAD now. Gosh ~
Will be updated my blog when I am free :)
I am really missing those feeling writing blog , share everything with you all.
Let talk about my life this month ♥

1) Just graduate from my school , SNIPS
2) Everyday just dreaming at home / out with mummy
3) Doing part-time work as salesgirl. *saturday & sunday
4) Out with my fat pig every thursday

Wanna finding suitable work for now but mummy no let :/
because I gonna go Perak and Vietnam soon in this sep & nov.
Her worried the boss no let me off day. Yeah ! i know, mom :(
5 month to go ~ :) without full timed work.

Relax Time !

 Stay turned ~

Friday, March 30, 2012

back to blog :)

Been a while dint touch my lantop and my blog :)

Cause i really lazy to open ! :/

now i always use my iphone online more than my computer :X

See a lot of my friends blog ! :(

and them no updated anymore :( miss their blog and their story

Sorry i always broken my promise that i will updated ;')

i think i will be diligent to open my blog more ;P

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am back to my blog :D

Miss my blog badly

*Sorry ! I know my blog are dead :(

Will be updated more and more :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love ♥

I just want simple love ♥

Just same like the story "Maid sama" ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011


28-29 May ♥

Going Sutera Habour working :)

But this time more fun a bit ! :P

Cause my baobei belinda work with us too "Promoter"

Wear couple shirt ! hahaha but the apron spoil the dress haha

Have a lot of fun at there ! :)

But i think we talking more than work ! :]

After finish work , butter came fetch us go Suria

Cute d ba them ! :D

Sorry cause I no have mood that time :( sigh

Going sing K but too expensive jor ,

watch movie nothing movie nice :X

So we decide just yamcha at secret recipe and shopping awhile:)

yeeee !! cute :P

take from shop !! ;]

Friday, May 27, 2011

iphone 4 ♥

Finally get my new phone ♥ :)

Iphone 4 ♥


Gonna sleep now~ good night ^^

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bejing and hk :)

Sorry long time dint touch my blog :(

Busy of my work and I am damn lazy want to online :(

Going to bejing and hongkong last last week x)

Seriously if you don't like history , better you don't go it !

Cause nothing special , just can visit those history place ;)

Check in at hotel, hk :)

I finally find dao my colour at airport,hk ^^

hk plastic bag :)

After overnight 1 day at hk,Tomorrow off to bejing :)

Sit plane until i want die jor :( 4 time 3 hour at plane

bejing hotel ^^

Can see inside the toilet ;X

Mami company sponser clother to each people :)

Need wearing this to the company ball ^^

1st day go Bejing :) going visit Bejing Olimpic Stadium

Bird nest :)


So big inside :) hahaha ! love their restaurant :) so cute!

all girls wear the old custom like at tv those :)

2nd day go the Chinese palace

A lot of people :P

So nice their flower :)

3th day :)

inside the cabal car ^^

So many people :X

Saw dao my favourite bland at bejing :)

Burberry !!!!! <3

KK no have this shop :( sob

Finish at here only :)

Busy of new shop company :(

Will be updated when i am free <3

Good night ^^

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Early morning mami call me wake up !

7 am == walao eh ~

sleep shuang shuang there :((( kena call wake up !

Her say go eat mcd breaksfast woh~ last day ;/

8am arrive mcd api api :)

Full of people ! Queue until outside :X

OMG ~ !! ;)

Every people come for get their free breaksfast !:P

buy any food rm5 than get free 2 big breakfast =P

So cheap kan !!! hahahaha xD

Eat until i scare oh ~ <3

so dirty and messy kan ? xD

See dao my classmates Ahmad work at there !

and he giving me this

Cute small fan =P

Love talk with he, he really so funny ~ ;D

thinking my diet plan now <3

Kinda really so fat now~ will be babi soon ~ :((

Stop at here ! :) bu-bye

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Out with my baobei belinda yesterday at suria ;)

Long time dint out with her~ so miss it !

Last time we always out but now seldom jor :(

Busy work now~ plus no maid enough :(

Finally can buy my giordano shirt ! yeah =P

But them dint sell the colour I want :(

I want white and red :( but dint out anymore :/

So i buy white and purple :(

Watch the "Sucker punch" movie ;)

Say real de, that movie is very SUCK !

Watch until i want fall asleep ! ;/

Please dont watch! waste money only x)

Couple shirt ! x)

Same cloth and skinny =P

Got people ask we work what again ? hahaha

cause everything was same ^^


seksi cloth =P

Best friends forever !

Have dinner with he :)

Love the restaurant so much ;)

Feel romantic but sibeh so expensive ! hahaha

*Sorry dint take any picture ! >< forget jor ! hahaha

Will be update again ! <3