Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mummy ♥

Stay at home whole day watching on demand. Boring life ~ :)
Mummy called me going for lunch at kepayan.Should be my breakfast :X
After lunch, mummy ask me bring her for movie.
Yay~ we got a ticket from HSBC for free watching spidermen or total recall.
Actually I watch this both movie already with my pig and my brother.
But mom keep begging me company her watch. So i agree lo hehee :D
Off to Suria ~ I suggest total recall more than spidermen.I hate spidermen :P
7pm movie, mummy asking her friend to watch and call me find my pig :) ( he work at suria).
Shopping with mom meanwhile waiting her friend.
Eating my favourite ice cream Haagen Dasz ♥ while shopping. Hehee

After bringing mummy going cinema.Than off to find my pig
He sooooo busy ! :( waiting him working meanwhile I in room playing internet.
He called me company him to 1b to doing some work stuff. OK :)
After working, we off to eating ~ Damn. I seriously i feel i gonna FAINT !
Too hungry ~ same like him. Kuew teow and dumpling , our favorite :)
No have any plan at night , so he fetch me back home and rest.
That all for today only. Will be update again ♥   

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